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Point Your Sub-Domain To Different Hosting

Published Date: August 21, 2015 |
Published Time: 9:39 pm |

Let you have a domain which is hosted on bluehost. Now you want to create a sub-domain of the site, but you want to host the file into godaddy hosting server. As you don’t want to give too much load on the server.That’s why you want to use different server for subdomain.

I am describing here all details how you can do this with in a very short time

In this example my domain name is webprogramming.net in bluehost server. My new sub-domain will konok.webprogrammings.net and I want to host the files of this address into godaddy’s hosting server.

1. Find the IP address of your new hosting panel (Godaddy). The attached image is just for my case into godaddy delux account. You will get the IP from cpanel also. In this case my new hosting IP is


2. Add A(Adress)  record on the domain (webprogrammings.net) . You need to login into the domain registrant account and setting the DNS Zone File. From there you can add the A Record. OR

Here I have used the cpanel as the site is already pointed to bluehost server. You need to add the A record .

Name:  konok.webprogrammings.net



Click the the link of Simple DNS Zone Editor


3. Now go to your new hosting panel (Godaddy Hosting Panel). Create an Addon Domain or new account.


Click the Addon Domain .  Add the sub domain konok.webprogrammings.net


That’s all. You may need 24 hours to reflect the changes. Most of the time I got it working within 5-6 minutes.

Hope this tutorial will give you an idea how to setup sub-domains in different hosting.

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